1. a suffix used to form adjectives from nouns, with the sense of:

a. `belonging to' (a people, country, etc.), as in British, Danish, English, Spanish.
b. `after the manner of', `having the characteristics of', `like', as in babyish, girlish, mulish (such words being now often depreciatory).
c. `addicted to', `inclined or tending to', as in bookish, freakish.
d. about; approximately: 7.30-ish.
2. a suffix used to form adjectives from other adjectives, with the sense of `somewhat', `rather', as in oldish, reddish, sweetish.
{Middle English; Old English -isc, related to German -isch; distantly related to Greek -iskos; related to -esque}
a suffix of verbs of French origin, as cherish, finish, etc.

{French -iss-, extended stem of verbs in -ir, from Latin -isc-, in inceptive verbs}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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